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Chicago, IL

Schedule – December 4 & 5

  • Day 1 (Montreal & Waterloo)

  • How campus recruiting differs from other recruiting; major processes and timelines; and, key relationships.

  • Determining the core purpose of campus recruitment for your organization and priorities for success.

  • Researching and compiling evidence to support investment in student and graduate hiring.

  • What is an EVP; how and why to develop your EVP; campus EVP vs general EVP; What is a brand; communicating brand; and, campus media.

  • Developing and managing good relationships with career and internship offices; info sessions, career fairs, student clubs, faculty relations, special events, workshops; and, ambassadors.

  • Selecting a manageable quantity; metrics to track; reasons for selection; corporate-school relations.

  • Developing your network; helpful resources; discovering best practices.

  • Day 2 – Montreal

  • Day 2 – Waterloo